Spring 2018 Junior Programs

Competitive Academy

In the competitive academy players will develop physical literacy skills to move like an athlete, develop a solid technical foundation as well as understand basic tactical situations.

Players progress to the next academy based on their skill development and age.

To practice what they learn, we organize competitive events where players can compete in a fun safe environment — Minor Tennis League and AFTC Junior Tournament.

Each month all junior players are eligible to be nominated as Junior Player of the Month!!! This programs recognizes players who demonstrate enthusiasm, passion and make an effort each week.

To register for any of the academy programs, contact Rufus Nel at 457-2346. We do not accept online registration for these programs.

Little Aces Academy 5 - 7 years

The key outcome of this program are developing an athlete first and then the tennis player. There is a strong focus on developing coordination skills, physical literacy skills and understanding how to control the racket and ball through basic technical development.

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Orange Ball Academy 6 - 8 years

Playing on a ¾ court players further develop their reception and projection skills through understanding of ball controls, movement and court awareness.

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Green Ball Academy 7 - 9 years

Players learn advanced technique and understanding of the 5 game situations to be able to transition confidently from ¾ court orange ball to full court green ball.

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Yellow Ball Academy 8 - 10 years

Players who are in the current green ball academy transition into playing with regular tennis balls. Focus is on movement and making technical adjustments to be able to manage playing with a regular ball.

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Performance Academy

Committed to training to compete provincially and nationally players in the performance academy develop their technical, physical, and psychological skills to be able to better execute tactical decisions to take their game to the next level. A yearly plan is designed for the performance players to help them with periodization to maximize performance to coincide with important competitions.

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Hours of Operation

8:30am – 10:00pm
Seven days a week

If no courts are booked, we may close early.

Spring Tennis

Registration for spring programs is available.

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Summer Tennis

Get out and play tennis this summer. Outdoor lessons for kids and adults.

Lots of summer camps for kids. Tennis and multi sport options.

Merchant of Tennis

Shop for the latest tennis gear at the Merchant of Tennis while supporting our community. To ensure your order contributes to the No Child Refused fund, please use the links provided on our site.

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  • Registration opens May 22 for UPS Kids Tennis day upskidstennisday.eventbrite.ca https://t.co/O4bhp5KyXu 3 days ago
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